Twitter: Procrastination, productivity and pain

Like your best bitched about local bus service, having written one piece about twitter, another follows quickly after. Of course I would have written it a damned site quicker had I been able to stay off the bleeding thing. But then I am fully aware of twitter’s ability to tempt me away from productivity. My procrastination self-awareness levels are at such a height that I daily have Belouis Some’s classic ‘80s hit ‘Imagination’ looping around in my mind. I just replace ‘imagination’ with ‘procrastination’ and jobs a good’un! Yep, I’m productive and highly inventive.

The annoying thing is that Twitter is unbelievably useful. My need-top-know-the-news head is satisfied by following all the papers and journalists I like to read. And even those I don’t – just to keep me both balanced and angry. The culture-freak in me follows the drama queens of the theatre and way-out-theres of the arts world, while my inner muso follows all the blogger, giggers and gass-baggers on the scene. Collectively this provides a feed of info that fuels my life. Granted, you have to sift through the #tweetwhatieat and #babydoesgangnamstyle threads, but once through, you’ve a spread of ideas that could lead absolutely anywhere.

But there’s the crux. Will they lead you anywhere? It couldn’t be more fitting that whilst writing this, I am simultaneously keeping an eye on the twitter window open next to word that is providing live updates of this morning’s bomb scare in Manchester city center. I am sat at home, freezing but safe, writing away, fully aware of what is happening at the cities core. People on my Manchester network are tweeting events, yet apart form the reliable Manchester Evening News, not a single national rag is covering the topic. I am reading about bombs in Mali, but have to rely on people in the street for updates in Manchester.

Through selective following (like breeding for the twittersphere), twitter is providing me with info that is relevant to me while the nationals remain London-centric! Now I know that not only news that is relevant to me, is relevant to me (say that with a gobstopper in), but at time like this Twitter excels. It also excels at distraction. Jesus, I’m trapped in a cyber-loop of confusion and all I can see is hashtags and @ symbols. This is certainly trending. The fact that twitter’s appeal has steered me away from the crux I was referring to two paras ago makes my: Case. In. Point. (As one would type on twitter!)

So will it lead me anywhere? So far today it has lead me astray. I was intending to write about the annoying musical band-waggoning trend twitter has revealed to me lately, but have been sidetracked by another thread in my brain or is that a vain in the machine. I can see the lines between twitter and life, timeline and memory are fast dissolving, as my fingers become keyboard shortcuts to my life! One thing is clear; it is time for a screen break and a brain reboot. I’ll go make a coffee and check in on my iPad!

Today I read: Twitter, Manchester Evening News
Today I listened to: Daughter 


View from Eiffel Tower


I know that I visited Paris over three months ago but i’m still yet to sort my way through the thousands of pics I took there. This is the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Needless to say I was VERY happy when taking this picture so when I look at it it makes me feel all tiggly in the tum and nice. Aah. 






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2 Responses to Twitter: Procrastination, productivity and pain

  1. Amy Jayne says:

    I’m such a twitter addict it is awful! I have to go on it every morning + I have to stop myself going on it when I am doing work. Love your blog btw! Nice interview with Skin :)

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